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Win Runner

Win Runner


WinRunner Foundations

  • Creating a Script
  • Creating a Script Quiz
  • Creating a Script Lab
  • Introduction to Automation Testing
  • Need of Automation Testing
  • Framework to learn any Automated Tool
  • Types of Automated Tools
  • History of Win Runner

Basics of Win Runner Run Modes

  • Working with Verify mode, Debug Mode, Update Run Mode

TSL Execution Modes

  • Working with Run from Top
  • Run from Arrow
  • Run Minimized
  • Stop Run

Win Runner Frame Work

  • Add in Manager
  • GUI Map Configuration
  • GUI Map Editor
  • GUI Spy

Recording Modes

  • Context Sensitive Mode
  • Analog Mode
  • Function Generators
  • Working with TSL
  • Win Runner Out put reports

Check Points

  • GUI Check Points
  • Bit Map Check Points
  • Database Check Points
  • Synchronization Check points
  • Get Text Check Points

Parameterize TSL

  • Working with Data Table
  • Working with Data Driver Wizard
  • Working with Parameterize data


  • Start Transaction
  • End Transaction
  • Declare Transaction

Customize User Tool bar

  • Paste TSL
  • Parameterize TSL
  • Working with Add Watch List
  • User Defined Functions
  • Batch Test (Working with Call function)
  • Recovery Manager

Working with Exception Handling

  • Pop Up Window
  • TSL Window
  • Function Window

Working with Debug

  • Step
  • Step into
  • Step Out
  • Step to Cursor
  • Toggle Break Points
  • Function Break Points
  • Remove Break Points




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