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Load Runner


  • What is Load/Performance/Stress Testing?
  • Virtual User generator
  • Controller
  • Analysis
  • Agent process

Planning an effective load test

  • Gathering load test related information from the customer
  • Real time process for load test plan

LoadRunner Installation

  • LoadRunner architecture
  • Where to install LoadRunner components
  • Identify hardware and software needed for installation

Virtual User Generator - Recording

  • Structure the script based on planning
  • Use VuGen to record a Vuser script for Web environment
  • Describe HTML and URL recording levels
  • When to use HTML and/or URL recording levels

Virtual User Generator - Playback

  • Identify the appropriate Web Run-time settings to set
  • Configure Web Run-time settings to run the script
  • Verify Vuser script functionality in VuGen

Virtual User Generator - Actions

  • Create multiple actions in a Vuser script
  • Configure actions to achieve load testing goals

Virtual User Generator - Transaction Points

  • Add Transactions to measure response time

Virtual User Generator - Rendezvous Points

  • Add Rendezvous to stress the application
  • Virtual User Generator - Check Points
  • Add Text Checkpoints during and after recording

Virtual User Generator - Parameterization

  • Solve playback problems by parameterizing the script

Virtual User Generator - Correlation (Manual / Auto)

  • Correlation after recording
  • Use the Scan for correlation tool
  • Correlate data during recording
  • Define rules for correlation in Recording Options
  • Enable correlation during recording

Runtime settings

  • Script and Vuser Run-time settings
  • Configure Run-time settings in the Controller

Controller - Introduction to Scenarios

  • Explain elements that make a LoadRunner scenario
  • Identify different types of scenarios
  • How to choose the scenario
  • Present the basic steps for creating a scenario

Controller - Scheduling a scenario

  • Scheduling by group and by scenario
  • Prepare VuGen User (Vuser) initialization
  • Configure duration scheduling
  • Configure scenario ramp up and ramp down
  • Adding Load Generators

Controller - Running Scenario

  • Prepare for a scenario run
  • Identify techniques to efficiently run a scenario

Controller - Monitors

  • Value of Performance Monitors
  • Select Performance Monitors
  • Add measurements to Performance Monitors

Analysis - Analyzing Results

  • Merging Graphs
  • Reading & Understanding results data
  • Adding new graph
  • data Filtering
  • Finding out Performance Bottlenecks


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