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Remote Method Invocation

  • Introduction To J2EE
  • Terminologies used in socket programming
  • Elements required in RMI
  • Steps for running RMI application
  • Problems with RMI

J2EE – Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition

  • Introduction
  • Component API
  • Service API
  • J2EE Architecture
  • J2EE Application Development Roles

Enterprise Java Beans

  • Introduction
  • Types of EJB’s
  • Elements of EJB’s
  • EJB Architecture

Session Beans

  • Stateless Session beans
  • Elements required in stateless session beans
  • Life cycle of Stateless Session Beans
  • Applications development with stateless session beans
  • Stateful Session Beans
  • Elements required for Stateful session beans
  • Life cycle of stateful session beans
  • Application development with stateful session beans

Entity Beans

  • Elements required to write an entity bean
  • Life cycle of an entity bean
  • Application development with Entity beans
  • Types of Entity beans
  • Container Managed Persistence (CMP)
  • Bean Managed Persistence (BMP)


  • Introduction
  • Types of Transactions
  • Bean  Managed Transactions
  • Bean managed transactions for Stateless Session Beans
  • Bean Managed Transactions for Stateful session Beans
  • Container Managed Transactions
  • JDBC Connection Pooling in EJB

MDB – Message Driven Bean
JNDI – Java Naming and Directory Interface

  • Introduction
  • Architecture of JNDI
  • Programming with JNDI

Java Messaging Service (JMS)

  • Introduction
  • JMS Models


  • Bea Weblogic or IBM Websphere


  • My Eclipse
  • IBM Rational Application Developer

EJB 3.0 Features

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